African Leaders Factory Initiative is a movement of millions of Africans,

coming together to fight for real, lasting change.

We’re community organizers, and we believe in the power of people.

African Leaders Factory Initiative (ALFI)  is a great community whose mission is to create African Leaders of tomorrow committed to the development of their community through education and promotion of youth entrepreneurship. Created in February 2017 by Babacar J. Diop, ALFI has set up ALFI-LEARN which is a free online educational platform offering a large number of functionalities from a triple Communication Network – SMS, Web, Mobile applications.

Anyone taking these practical courses will be able to develop their skills, stimulate their creativity, have a deeper sense of entrepreneurship and take initiative for development.

We know that real, lasting change requires more than righteous anger—it requires a program, and it requires ordinary people coming together to fight for the issues that matter to them. We believe that by acknowledging and nurturing the inherent power in all of us, we can work toward a more tolerant, just, and fair Africa and across the world.

Our organizers

ALFI organizers are part of a long line of people who have stepped up to take on the big fights for social justice, basic fairness, equal rights, and expanding opportunity to everyone. They come from all walks of life—from students to veteran community leaders—but they’ve all got one thing in common: They’re making a commitment to their local communities. And wherever they are, ALFI  is committed to ensuring that they have the tools, skills, and resources necessary to make the greatest impact.

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Assétou Oka

Ivory Coast 


Fatoumata Ba


Scot Hartley

Scott Hartley



 ALFI-LEARN is at the forefront of the transmission of knowledge, know-how, know-how to be by developing skills to contribute to the increase of the enrollment rate especially among women.

ALFI-LEARN is a space for networking, exchanging ideas and promoting the actions of ALFI’s Ambassadors Leaders through  “Connect”.

The platform is creating in these following countries : Senegal, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, Liberia and Kenya.  

Senegal is the country where ALFI LEARN is already available (sn.alfi-learn.org) and it’s helping more than one million of Senegalese women as men to have free training and education. This initiative was awarded as the best one by American Express Leadership Academy.

How to become an ambassador or volunteer of ALFI ?

To become an African Leaders Factory Ambassador or Volunteer Initiative, you must complete these simple steps below:


. Register on the international platform: www.alfi-learn.org


. Join the Facebook group of the African Leaders Factory Initiative page www.facebook.com/ALFILEARN to get to know other people ambassadors and volunteers from different countries of Africa and the rest of world


. Participate in activities where each member of the community will be informed in advance by newsletter with clear information and accurate. Everyone is free to engage and is not judged by his or her origin, religion, gender or social status


. No particular age is regulated, any man or woman wanting to be part of this community of change Africa on the move and respecting or not his steps is an ambassador. We are the generation of entrepreneurship, civic engagement and promotion of gender equality.


Connect with others

Connect  is a space where more than 2 millions Africans share their  opinions about the 17 goals of sustainable development. You can be part of the  17 groups created to fight against  many issues that we must face, that’s the beginning of change.


This is bigger than just one

person or one cause.


The 2.5 million Africans who’ve taken action with ALFI are part of a long line of people who stand up and take on the big fights for social justice, basic fairness, equal rights, and expanding opportunity.


Give thousands of Africans access to education through the ALFI-LEARN  website and ALFI-LEARN by SMS every year.

Connect more than 5,000,000 ALFI Leaders in Africa for community-based sustainable development services by 2022.

Equip children aged from 2 to 10 years with school tools by impacting nearly 1,000 per year.


ALFI is a strong legacy for the next generation to have access to education, get them involved in their community, allow the African youth to have a voice and stand up together to build a better, fair and stronger Africa no matter where they come from, what they look like, what their religion, their gender or their social status.


We believe that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules deserves a fair shot at the African promise.

We believe that no matter our gender, we have the same chance to succeed.

We believe no one can write your story except you, believe it and make it happen.

How can you be part of this?

You can  be an ALFI Ambassador by subscribing to our network.

Here you can dedicate yourself to fight for different causes in your community. It is not difficult to be member, just participate to any of the activities we may have for an African and International Community of sustainable development. Let’s believe it !

For weekly updated news of our Ambassadors  and Volunteers all across the World, please subscribe to our newsletter.

That kind of progress is never easy. But

we’re not here for the easy fights.

We are more than 1.5 billion in Africa, and 65% of the population is really young so it’s important to understand that education is the base of every nation. Unfortunately more than 55% of the population do not have access to education and are most of the times in unemployed.

We African Leaders Factory Initiative Volunteers.

Are you ?

Welcome to ALFI Volunteers Team

Joins us and get weekly updated e-mail of what do all member leaders  in their community.

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