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Build Community

Millions of people across Africa and the world are coming together to fight for real, lasting change in their communities. Step up, add your voice, and start organizing. In ALFI you can fin the tools you need to dive in with many activities available.

Channeling passion into fighting for lasting change

We are proud community organizers and change-makers building this movement from the ground up, community by community, one conversation at a time—whether that’s on a front porch or on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. We’re committed to finding and training the next generation of leaders, because at the end of the day, we aren’t the first to fight for progressive change, and we won’t be the last.

We believe in providing anyone who is passionate about a cause the space and opportunity to walk in the door and take action. We believe in empowering people with the tools, training, and support to be more engaged citizens. We are here to help you unleash your power.

We produce leaders of today 

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We don’t just mobilize—we organize

The million Africans who’ve taken action with ALFI are part of a long line of people who refuse to sit silently on the sidelines hoping for the status quo to change. When outdated policies in Africa—or even in our very own communities—are holding Africa’s potential back, we speak out. We fight for basic fairness, equal rights, consumer protections, and expanding opportunity. That kind of progress has never been easy. But we aren’t here for the easy fights.

We find people where they are

From Dakar to Ouagadougou, ALFI organizers, leaders and change-markers are working to provide opportunities for everyone to get involved, no matter where you come from, what resources you have available, or your experience level.

We develop volunteers into leaders

Over the years, we’ve learned that when you invest in a volunteer-based infrastructure, you build long-term power. That’s why ALFI provides free trainings and support to help people mostly women become community leaders—because local constituents know what works for their own community, and what doesn’t.

Why we organize

To make real and lasting change, it isn’t enough to mobilize people to take a single action like being entrepreneur, find social impactant  solutions to the problems of their community or attending a march. By showing the impact and effectiveness of collective action, we help passionate individuals become the long-term leaders their communities need.

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Community Tool Box: Learn How to Lead

Learn techniques to lead and make a difference within your community by following this guide.


Code Academy

Learn the technical skills to help prepare you for jobs or personal projects.

MIT SOLVE Challenges

MIT Solve is a marketplace for social impact innovation with a mission to solve world challenges. Anyone, anywhere can apply to the 2020 Global Challenges by June 18 to access over $1.7 million in prize funding.



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