An endangered efficacy on the African youth population

An endangered efficacy on the African youth population
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One would arguably ask why is it that Youth Representation In Government positions is still low or not being highly represented in senior positions in both local and international Organizations. You don’t have to be the best to beat that box, but rather there is an enfranchise system that tolls on youths whether we agree or not. I am arguably saddened that governments either they don’t trust the youth capability or they are afraid that giving certain autonomy to youths will fuel or endanger their hidden agendas.

We are all arguably advocating but until these people are pushed to the walls, Youth power will still be under leveraged. There is arguably a high number of youth populations in the world that it is so evident that they are a very important pillar in the attainment of our SDGs. Billions of foreign aid money from the international community still doesn’t filter well to its right proportionate destination. Is either my mind has faded or am just colliding with dilussions of this strange world where we help just who we want to help and not the other way around making investments and enord barrier.

Mental torture, Lack of hope all saddles us and this is where the world puts us into. I am a motivated soul but there are days am knocked down by looking at why there is no system that could have allowed me to use a day and make it work or shall I just keep on dreaming. Imagining someone in a little corner, poverty stricken, no food, no clothes , poor health conditions is just unimaginable. Yes there are spots and evidently spots that I should be into but no I just can’t, not because I can’t but because there is no path to shape it, so I fall for demeanour and a killed soul already. I shaken up my bed turning upside down lingering a way of just getting what I want or picturing myself if only a chance was given to me to try and fulfil.

We go to the polls, waist our energy to vote only to realise that we are voting for the wrong people making us even backward or even into a state of further two steps backwards after the elections. So then we ask ourselves? Should we not all care or is riots after elections worth it when the people we choose is as a results of what we wanted. There is my worry!!! Indeed a worry as not everyone votes but yes, the majority are the most important according to our democratization process of voting. Youths , Youths I echo is a an important blueprint looking at the fading ageing populations and I shout out loud that empowerment is necessary as what happens is, if there is a blend, a blend of certainty, then our youths will be so much exposed.

I am against any certain precipitation of appointing personnel’s of positions of youths. If you don’t try them, you would never see the end product. An engulfed system of power definitely corrupts and yes it does corrupt especially when you put people of personal preference into it. In an age of business models, there are very ambitious youths but poverty stricken backgrounds don’t usually have anything to start up to. And then, every malfunction, we blamed a failed youth populations. From the unstructured systems and all, we need great systems that will usher in new democracy dispensations for youths throughout the world.

Where our pledges stand, our effects pursue. Purchasing power still under low and that entrenches the spending structure. We owe it to ourselves to work hard and make our beautiful Africa great again. What happened to the state of mind in starting small if you don’t have white collar jobs? I asked this question several times to know , are we really waiting for a system that will give us funds or could we not make a hallway miracle to start our very own initiatives. From finding out what would give you a penny without trespassing the others needs.

You can fairly make it out but only if you are bold and strong. History has its pitch on the brains that the African mind has in making him an innovator and a giant force in task delivery. What happened to the Go-Getter types such as Martin Luther King and others who have inspired the black race to stand up and shape the future? With the innovativeness in a digital age, most of our intellectual dexterity is what makes the difference thus far.

I call on all youths across all corners of Africa to stand up for their future as power will revolve back to us and it is only when we are prepared to lead is when the beacon of hope for the generations to come can be nurtured.

Writer – Modou.A.Njie
The Gambia

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