Women powerin thesustainable developement in the society

Women powerin thesustainable developement in the society
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Am writting to you as my concern to women victimization humiliation, injustice which has been practised upon women during pre and post colonial period in Kenya,which is a good image of Africa nations.

As the global community strives towards achieving the Dustainable Development Goals, Africa/Kenya must make renewed efforts promoting inclusive groth by ensuring that all its human or material resources are gainfully harnessed.Accordingly women/girls constituting half of the continent’s population must be connected to opportunities that will increase their relevance to Africa’s/Kenya’s development.

Unfortunately due to institutional inadequacy and negative cultural practices in most of African societies,most of Africa’s women are not well positioned to contribute to the continent’s advancement.Many African girls and women are denied education and ownership iof land,capital,etc.They witness untold gender-based discrimination at workplace,with very litle participation in the formal sectors.

They suffer Female Genital Mutilation;domestic violence;restrictive stereotypes;forced under-aged marriage that stifleeducational prospects;unpaid labour;child prostitution;sexual harrasment etc,which ruin them pyschologically,making them feell like second-class citizens.

Indeed Africa to become developed and achieve 50:50 by 2030, this situation must change.A strategy that will cause this transformation must not only empower women but also eliminate the repressive cultural structure that hamper girl-child education women empowerment and concurrently connect women across different African communities together to share ideas/experiences and form common fronts against gender-based violence.

First,to get all African girls educated,Africa must deploy virtual learning technology that will take formal education to their homes.This will not only help leapfrog from prohibitive infrastructure cost associated with the traditional teacher-classroom education delivery model,but also make education delivery model, but also make education more convinient and accessible even African girls in activities such as farming,trading household chores etc.

Secondly, to build or social pressure aginst gender-based discrimination,African leaders must invest in promoting platforms that will enable our girls learn from women in other societies with appreciable gender parity reduction and build feminist networks that advocate women issues,assist victims of abuse and contribute to gender responsive pro-women policy.

Thirdly ,to increase woen participation in politics and formal economic sectors,African leaders must promote technologies that will enable women to effortlessly mobilize support for their political aspirations ,access/utilize business development opportunities and buid skills which will enable them land better jobs.

With the few measures and precautions taken into consideration Africa will be in a position to have hope in achieving vision 2030 in which women are major partcipants to this.

Thank you in anticipation.
Evans Mutavi
Son of the soil.

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