Sustainable and healthy agriculture for feeding the future

Sustainable and healthy agriculture for feeding the future
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According to FAO, the world population will reach 9.1 billion of habitants in 2050. So to avoid a food crisis, starvation and a food shortage in the world, FAO estimate that agricultural production must be increased to 70% of whole world agricultural production. The issue of this increase drives to intensive agriculture which promotes the massive use of chemicals inputs like minerals fertilizers and pesticides. Research have shown that the application of these chemicals’ inputs have negatives consequences on people’s health, environment and tend to affect soil fertility capacity in order to reduce crops yield.

In our country Senegal, especially in the Niaye area, the application of chemicals inputs gradually increase and most of farmers don’t know the issues. Our gold is to empower farmers in this area to promote sustainable practices by using natural’s resources.

Chemical fertilizers utilization can drive to negatives consequences on people’s health and the environment but also can be considered as the main cause of soil infertility. This can affect corps yield and carry away starvation in our country. As an engineer in agricultural field like most of the farmer before I don’t believe to the term “agroecologie” which mean a healthy and sustainable agriculture. One day I was with my professor who showed me the results of some analysis of some vegetable which come from the Niayes area in my country Senegal.

I was blow away because of quantity of chemical substances containing in these vegetables. Since that day I have decided to devote myself in sustainable agriculture and help my fellow farmers to understand about its practices.

By this time it is necessary to pile up our strength and empower the entire farmer especially those in Niayes area to promote sustainable agriculture for a good health, save our environment and our soil in order to fight for starvation in our country.

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